Dutch Golden Glory

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Dutch Golden Glory

Dutch Golden Glory describes the economic and financial power of the Netherlands through the ages. The book aims to answer the questions of how this country achieved the position it did, why it came to stand out and what lessons we can learn from its history.

Dutch Golden Glory comprises three parts. The first section (The Genesis) discusses the location (From Hell’s Port to Main Port) and creation (From Mud Model to Polder Model) of the country. The second, and longest, section describes the golden years of the Netherlands, with his Companies, Exchanges and Public Banks. Lastly, the third section examines the Dutch national heritage and closes with the question of how best to capitalise on these talents.

Prof. Dr. Marius van Nieuwkerk was born in one of the tulip-growing areas of the Netherlands and was active in the upper echelons of the Nederlandse Bank for many years. He lectures at the Nyenrode Business University and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. With his enthusiastic, knowledgeable approach to the national and international monetary environment he knows how to stir the imagination.

  • Auteur: Marius van Nieuwkerk 
  • ISBN 978 90 230 1195 8
  • Jaar 2006
  • 224 blz., 2
  • Gebonden

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gouden glorie backcover enu full (site)