Bubbles Front Cover ENG Origineel (site)

  • Author: Marius van Nieuwkerk
  • ISBN13: 9789078217060
  • year 2007
  • 112 blz.
  • hardback

Uitgeverij: Sonsbeek 

In 1602 the Dutch East India Company (VOC) became the first company in the world to go public. As the birthplace of global share trading, the Netherlands quickly recognised the need for regulatory measures. The first were introduced as early as 1610 in an attempt to curb price manipulation and wild speculation. However, they proved ineffective, and the first speculative bubbles developed even before the 17th century had come to a close.Since then no historical account of the world’s most spectacular market collapses has been published for general readership. That is why Stichting Vereniging voor de Effectenhandel and Sonsbeek Publishers decided to mark the 20th anniversary of the 19 October 1987 crash with the publication of this book, which provides clear and accessible accounts of nine historical market crashes and one fictional crash, including the spectacular market collapse of 1987, the Dutch tulip mania, the crises of 1720 in France, England and the Netherlands, the notorious stock market crash of 1929, and the more recent dot-com crisis.
The nine described historical market crashes and one fictional market crash in 2011: – The Dutch Tulip Mania
– The Mississippi Bubble
– The South Sea Bubble
– The Dutch Wind Trade of 1720
– The Stock Market Crash of 1929
– The Cornfeld Bubble (1969)
– The Crash of October 1987
– The Japanese Asset Price Bubble
– The Dot-Com Bubble
– The 2011 Derivatives Bubble Also included is a table which briefly describes 50 financial crises that have taken place since 1600. The lesson of history is that financial crises are apparently inevitable and have always been with us. This book’s main message is that investors should avoid panicking and use their common sense at all times, but especially in times of euphoria and prosperity. A must have for anyone interested in financial history and for anyone who would like to benefit from the lessons given in the past! The book is enriched with magnificent illustrations.
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